4 / 30 / 2022

Altough I wasn’t as close to him as some of my colleagues and friends, I’m still compelled to say that Hermann was, without a doubt, a very unique artist, as where his ideas. I always felt weirdly torn about him and his creations, admiring both one day, yet also slightley disgusted with both the next and so forth. This strange kind of torn perspective was the inspiration for a portrait of him a couple of years ago. With his passing the world was robbed of another spark of genius.

Hermann Nitsch 1938 – 2022


2 / 9 / 2022

It’s been almost a decade since I first picked up a camera. Around the same time I met her and she quickly became one of my most trusted models. Her mind and body are as beautiful as they where when I first witnessed both of them all those years ago. It’s a blessing to know such a great human being.