1985     born in Innsbruck, 04.03.1985
1995     discovers pencil drawing as a treasured past time activity
1996     school art teacher deepened his interest in drawing
1997     creates first rudimentary portraits in graphite
2001     start of reclusive phase
2003     drawing becomes an essential part of his life
2007     combines graphite and coal based techniques
2010     developing interest in photography
2012     end of reclusive phase
2014     first exhibition focused around some of his early works
2017     founding of  “ASYLUM1101” studio
2018     developing interest in painting


2019     To be announced  |  ART2019 Art Fair (AT) | January 16th.
2018     Cycle 2  |  GPG Gallery (AT)
2018     Homage to Maude  |  Galerie d’art Maggy Stein (LUX)
2018     Homage to Maude  |  Societa Belle Arti Verona (I)
2018     Homage to Maude  |  ART2018 Art Fair (AT)
2017     Facets of a Young Laura  |  Kass Gallery (AT)
2017     Brainpeople  |  Kass Gallery, (AT)
2017     Facets of a Young Laura  |  B4 Cultural Center (AT)
2015     Fragmented Reality  |  ARTroom21 Gallery (AT)
2014     Portrait Drawings  |  GPG Gallery (AT)


Lukas Fambri is represented by the Kass Gallery for Austria, Italy & Luxembourg

Contact E-Mail: info@lukasfambri.com