Thoughts on Drawing (1)

Thoughts on Drawing (1)


‘It has been awhile since I last picked up a pencil or any other drawing tools for that matter. I think it’s the first portrait I did this year and it shows. I guess it’s a good portrait but I didn’t felt the usual satisfaction I normally get while drawing. []…I have very little enthusiasm for drawing in general at the moment – well actually since last year to be honest with myself. Furthermore, there is the fact that I couldn’t even bring myself to finish up this one, a simple practice drawing, in a proper manner. []…Maybe I’m done with drawing pretty pictures. Maybe I just need an even longer break from it in general and instead focus all my attention towards the photobook for now.’

excerpt from Fambri’s journal  –2021

unfinished charcoal & graphite portrait drawing [21 x 29.7 cm – 2021] based on August Sanders 1930’s photograph ‘Matter’