Anxiety influencing Art

Anxiety Influencing Art


…the idea is sound but that doesn’t really count since I can’t be completely sure about anything my mind spews out these days. …forcing an unpleasant symptom [panic attacks] of mine in order to paint is, in itself, a good idea I think but it could have consequences, on a mental, personal and social level. …well the least of my concerns would be the social aspect, let them [people] know about it, let them talk about how that “Fambri” guy is a weirdo. Social acceptance towards mentally ill people is said to be a non issue these days – let’s find out if that is truly the case. …on a personal level it could negatively effect relationships with some friends who don’t know about my condition. I have seen it happen before, friends leaving after I told them. …well my biggest concern in that regard is to potentially damage my psyche further by provocing [panic] attacks on purpose. I should talk to my shrink about it – let’s just hope he doesn’t trough me into a padded cell immidiately upon hearing about this new idea of mine [laughs].

Fambri to B.E  –2019