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Lukas Fambri

(b. 1985, Innsbruck, Austria)

Lukas Fambri has been drawing since the late 1990s, producing stand alone as well as entire series of portraits and figuratives. He began to explore different drawing techniques  as he was maturing under reclusive conditions arising from an early-onset of various mental health problems in the early 2000s. He is best known for his most recent paintings which he created whilst experiencing panic attacks.

Since the early 2000s Fambri has produced thousands of sketches, portraits, landscapes and various other works of art. Throughout the 2000s he had exclusively used graphites, charcoals and chalks for his work, steadely honing his skills with those materials in an autodidact fashion. In recent years Fambri became more experimental and began to incorporate drawing inks, colored pencils, colored crayons, markers and various other materials to achieve his ideas.

After years of encouragment he exhibited some of his accumulated works for the first time in public (Portrait Drawings, 2014). Met with good receptions it drew attention to his persona and vast collection of works he’d created in private for well over a decade.


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Back then there was nothing else to do but to draw. The
world ceased to make sense right outside my small
windows and entrance door. Venturing outside was almost
always impossible.
” – 2016


Since 2014 Lukas Fambri has exhibited multiple times across his home state and internationally. His portrait of the American actress Maude Ewing Adams Kiskadden (Homage to Maude, 2018) especially garnered major attention at several domestic and international exhibitions and is considered to be his most sophisticated drawn artwork to date.

Photography is also an essential part of Fambri’s work. First ventures into the medium began around 2010 and has continuously garnered his interest ever since then. Fambri uses photography mainly as a supporting trait for his other art projects but also produces stand-alone works within the medium (Imminent Times, 2016), (Inherent Masters, 2018).

Between late 2017 and mid 2018 Fambri developed a fast growing dissatisfaction with an perceived lack of artistic coherence in and between his projects that led to his search for a unifying theme that would be present in all of his future works. In late 2018 his search was met with success: The nature of the human psyche and its countless ramifications when burdened by mental illnesses.

The most intimate and challenging idea within this new theme: provocation of a particular symptom of his own mental health afflictions – panic attacks – and using the resulting chaotic mental state to paint.


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“I do not paint them – they are being painted by this unknown
entity deep inside my mind. It causes panic, overwhelms my
consciousness and takes control for a couple of minutes.
Nowadays this entity isn’t as strong – most of the time.”
– 2018


Lukas Fambri is currently working on several projetcs, including a new cycle of “panic paintings” which he creates in his studio and, on occasion, in public spaces around his home state. Fambri is represented by Kass Gallery, Innsbruck. He lives in Tyrol.